Fausto Brizzi, The Hyenas: “Excuse us with him? First the court hears the 15 girls who accuse him! ” VIDEO

There is much talk, at this time, of the “excuses” that the Hyenas should do to Fausto Brizzi, as a result of our services that have told through the voices of victims sexual violence.

It is true, the accusations of sexual harassment against the Italian director have been archived, but it is necessary to explain why.

First of all, of the actresses whose testimony we have gathered, only three have found the courage to report. And of this only one was evaluated by the judge. The Italian law, it should be specified, is different from the American one: in Italy, women have only six months to report sexual violence. And of the only testimony considered by the judge, in the sentence of dismissal, it is reported that twice the actress refuses a massage from Fausto Brizzi, who then decides to lock the door The judge writes: ” It looks suggestive, but actually unsuitable[…] the detail of the […] closure with the key, by Brizzi, of the door “. And he adds: “They can not decline in terms of violence modalities of explication of a physical and sexual interest […] just because they are perceived by the hypothetical victim”.

Read more: https://www.iene.mediaset.it/2019/news/fausto-brizzi-metoo-violenza-sessuale-tribunale-archiviazione-le-iene_290546.shtml

Author: Suravi Farzana